Tara Reid Bad Plastic Surgery - Liposuction Before & After

After a stint with bad plastic surgery, Tara Reid was left with grotesquely loose skin around her stomach and legs. Before and after photos show how liposuction surgery totally transformed this former "it" girl's image. Back in the early 2000's when American Pie & American Pie II came out, Tara Reid was every guys fantasy girl. Remember when she all the sudden got super hot in the second one (after breast implants and a LOT more makeup)? Well, fast forward just a bit beyond that and you have this... Liposuction wasn't the right type of plastic surgery for Tara Reid to get. How can a plastic surgeon even do this botched of a job? Seriously, she had to of been paying top dollar for one of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.
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Tara Reid Cosmetic Surgery
This before and after picture shows Tara Reid prior to the cosmetic surgery. See the difference in how her stomach looks?

Tara Reid Lipo

Tara Reid Bad Plastic Surgery

Tara Reid Before And After

Yikes... crouching down really scrunches all of that loose skin together.

Tara Reid Before And After Plastic Surgery


Tara Reid Liposuction

Tara Reid has taken some steps to fix the effects from her botched liposuction, but you can still see some of it.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery