Nicki Minaj Nose Job And Plastic Surgery Proof

One thing about Nicki Minaj is for sure, she got a nose job. Would you really put plastic surgery past someone who has a wig on 99% of the time? This photo shows how the tip was relatively bulbous and the bridge was a little wide (not much though). Now the tip is grotesquely thin / pointy and the bridge is pencil thin. Also, you don't really notice how weird looking her nose is until you see it up close.
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Ya that's clearly two different looking noses. Can anyone say Lil' Kim?

Nicki Minaj Rhinoplasty

You can really see the effects of Nicki Minaj's nose job when she has a scrunched up face. It shows the divots and imperfections in the bridge and tip of her nose. While it used to be bigger, it was also smoother and more even.

Nicki Minaj Cosmetic Surgery

The funny thing is that she totally denies getting plastic surgery.

Nicki Minaj Nose Job

100% Nicki Minaj got a nose job. She can play the bashful card all she wants, but the pictures don't lie.

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj Nose Job