Leann Rimes Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox / Facelift

Most of the public just assumes that Leann Rimes got plastic surgery, but she's always had a distinct looking face. Before and after photos reveal how she looks pretty the the same now compared to when she was younger. It's of very possible that she got some Botox injections, but that's all. It doesn't look like she got a facelift or anything that extreme.
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Leann Rimes Cosmetic Surgery
Is there enough of a difference to conclude that Leann Rimes got plastic surgery?

Leann Rimes Before And After

Again, she may have gotten some Botox injections, but probably nothing else.

Leann Rimes Botox

Leann Rimes also had a little weight loss from when she first got started.

Leann Rimes Plastic Surgery