Kendall Jenner Nose Job And Plastic Surgery Rumors

The latest plastic surgery rumors surrounding Kendall Jenner are on whether or not she's had a nose job. Old photos show how her nose used to look more bulbous in the tip and wider in the bridge. Judging by the after photo, it looks as though the tip was raised and the bridge was narrowed. While the change is subtle, it's still noticeable.
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It's quite normal for your nose to change shape from the time of your early adolescence to age 18. It's not certain if Kendall Jenner got a nose job, but definitely isn't out of the question. She's also involved in other plastic surgery speculation (along with ALL of her sisters). What are your thoughts?

Kendall Jenner Rhinoplasty

Kendall Jenner Nose Job
If Kendall Jenner got a nose job it was extremely minor.

Kendall Jenner Nose Job

Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery