Aubrey O'Day Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

Aubrey O'Day took a rather odd approach to plastic surgery. Before and after photos reveal how this singer-songwriter's breast implants increased her breast size to an astonishing DD cup. It always seems odd to me when women go super overboard with breast implants. First of all, a DD bra size is just ridiculous, but it's especially ridiculouse for someone who's 5' 4".
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She literally looks like two completely different people in the before and after pictures.

Aubrey Oday Plastic Surgery

Do you think Aubrey O'Day looks better before or after plastic surgery?

Aubrey Oday Plastic Surgery

Her cleavage looks all liquid like and too loose. It's way too obvious that she got a boob job, but I really don't think she was trying to keep it a secret.

Aubrey Oday Breast Implants

Aubrey O'Day was an A cup before plastic surgery. So if we do the math that's a 4 cup jump... yikes...

Aubrey Oday Before And After

Aubrey Oday Beforea And After