Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

While it remains uncertain, it's believed that Ariana Grande got a subtle nose job. Before and after photos show how the alleged plastic surgery narrowed the bridge and tip of her nose. This first photo makes it look like the bridge of her nose got more jagged / chiseled. Also, is it just me or are her eyes have more of a walnut shape now? It seems as though her eyebrows got magically higher on her face.
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Her eyes are undoubtedly different, but does it look like she got a nose job?

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery

It looks as though Ariana Grande's nose is now thinner and sticks out more (in the tip). Also, as mentioned before, she may very well have gotten facial plastic surgery to reshape her eyebrows. She clearly has a very different looking face in the after picture.

Ariana Grande Before And After

This before and after picture shows Ariana Grande as a kid and from 2012.

Ariana Grande Before And After

Ariana Grande Nose Job