Angelina Jolie Nose Job Before And After Proof

Angelina Jolie almost certainly got a nose job around age 17. This before and after photo shows how her nose used to be wider from top to bottom and shorter in the tip. Her nose job thinned the bridge, resculpted the tip, and made her entire nose a tad longer (which is an uncommon approace to a nose job, but it seemed to work for her).
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Are you surprised that Angelina Jolie got a nose job?

Angelina Jolie Rhinoplasty

Angelina Jolie Nose Job

Seeing her old nose in color shows just how much bigger it used to be.

Angelina Jolie Nose Job

See how her nose used to slope like a ramp? Now it's almost straight as a ruler!

Angelina Jolie Nose Job

The best difference in her nose is how the tip is sharper and flows more evenly to the bridge.

Angelina Jolie Before And After Nose Job

Angelina Jolie Before And After

See how her nose is thinner and more feminine looking now?

Angelina Jolie Before After

Angelina Jolie Nose Job